Annie (the Impossible Girl) (teargrrl82) wrote in pa_anime,
Annie (the Impossible Girl)

TLO Anime & Video Gaming Club!

TLO will be hosting its monthly anime & video gaming club meeting this weekend.  Stop by for chaos, laughter, trash talk.....oh, yeah, and anime and video gaming!

WHERE:  Our new location!
Golf Club Apartments
1100 West Chester Pike B-15
West Chester, PA 19382

Saturday, July 7, 2007
2:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tentative Schedule:
2:00 PM:  Video Game Free Play
3:00 PM:  1st Fixed Title
4:00 PM:  1st Random Pick
5:00 PM:  Dinner Break, More Video Game Free Play
6:00 PM:  2nd Random Pick
7:00 PM:  2nd Fixed Title
8:00 PM:  Club Ends

Our two current fixed titles are:
Kino's Journey
He is my Master

Visit our website for more info!
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