annie_matrix (annie_matrix) wrote in pa_anime,

 hello everybody, This is not blatant advertising, i just want this website  and its creators to get the recognition that they deserve.
i am not sure how live journal works and i am still getting to grips with it so i hope you can read this!
I just wanted to tell you about the new project from Studio Capitale, which is called musical This project is based in France and the team who are working on it have managed to create a beautiful animation which is available to download for free on the web. But this is no ordinary animation, Stephane Meer who is a well regarded musician and composer has put his music at the heart of this tale. The music really drives the story and the pictures enhance it. 
It would be really great if you could have a look on the website, tell us what you think of the project and get involved. The story is dedicated to the Virtuoso pianist Helene Grimaud and tells the tale of a girl whose parents disappear mysteriously. She takes solace in her music and suddenly finds herself in a different universe where a fierce battle rages.
The team who have created this are part of Studio Capitale, an independent audio post production studio. We would all really appreciate it if you could look at he web site.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to write to me at
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