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Calling all anime fans in western Pa/eastern ohio. Think pittsburgh, erie, cleveland, and other surrounding areas.
Do you like:
anime, videogames, manga, role playing, rennisance faires, fanart, adult swim, tekkoshocon, ohayocon, anime conventions, rennisance warfare reinactments, ranma 1/2, sailor moon, tenchi muyo, saiyuki, y's, lunar, trouble chocolate, dragon half, gokudo, sorcerer hunters, evangellion, xenogears, dvds, playstation, xbox, gamecube, world of darkness, dungeons and dragons, meeting local people, making new friends, movies, cartoons, animation, japan, chrono trigger, never winter nights, .hack, inuyasha, rayearth, fushigi yuugi, fansubs, voice actors, vampire the masquerade, werewolf the appocalypse, mage assenction, changeling, exalted, big eyes small mouth, nadesico, everquest, lufia, ogre battle, vanguard bandits, star ocean, alundra, skies of arcadia, atlus, squaresoft, working designs, or anything else related to games/anime/roleplaying then this community is FOR YOU!!!
If you live in the area and love these things as much as me please sign up today and tell all your friends about our community